The Lady Chapel constructed at the wish of Henry VII at Westminster Abbey is the last great masterpiece of English medieval architecture, and the culminating achievement of over three hundred years of development in the gothic style, at the point where it intersects with the new movements of the Renaissance. George II died at Kensington Palace on 25 October 1760 – contrary to his having always asserted that he ‘would never die’ there. What Tudor tombs most intrigue you and what’s still on your ‘bucket-list’? Unique at the time. More on that to come, but for now, let’s roll back time to the beginning…. Therefore, in this blog, we will focus on the Tudor tombs that lay beneath, and close to, the fabulous monument by Torregiano, erected as a memorial to Henry VII and his, wife, Elizabeth of York. It’s slightly macabre, I know, but I have long been intrigued to know more about the Tudor tombs that lie beneath the cold, stone floor of this historic building. Perhaps we can be grateful that this was the case. As Arthur Stanley’s adventure comes to end, I realise so does my hope of ever getting a glimpse beneath the marble floors of Westminster Abbey. Image by Mrs. A Murray Smith on Wikimedia Commons The Royal Ma… Were these people, based on the accomplishments in their lives, offered burial in the Abbey by the monarch, or did they or their families have to ask for permission? Indeed, his intention to have the chapel as a dynastic mausoleum is confirmed by the Latin inscription around his tomb enclosure: that he had ‘established a sepulchre for himself, his wife, his children and his house’. In the course of this adventure, Stanley describes the discovery of the Tudor tomb of Elizabeth I, where her coffin was stacked unceremoniously on top of her half-sister, Mary. These are at least, respectably visible in their roped-off marked vaults. Secondly, there was no evidence of disturbance of the marble floor of the chapel near the Tudor tombs, which might suggest that the vault had been reopened in the past. Westminster Abbey, with its royal burial vaults and long series of monuments to celebrated men, is not unreasonably regarded by the English as their National Temple of Fame; and interment within its walls is considered the last and greatest honour which the nation can bestow on the most deserving of her offspring. Having carefully examined all sides of the tomb for the most likely entrance point, Dean Stanley describes how his workmen set about opening up a narrow space, close to the vault of Edward VI, to the west of the monument. When you visit, you will be awe-struck by the superb fan-vaulted ceiling, described as the ‘climax of late medieval design’. However, annoyingly, James I of England remained elusive. Graffiti etched into the lead, revealed that a certain ‘John Ware’ and ‘E.C’ had been there in 1645 – the year James was interred in the vault. However, this turned out to be just the beginning! I know that I am never likely to tick ‘seeing the vaults of Westminster Abbey’ off my bucket list. Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, writer, poet and researcher. At its base, a tablet was inscribed: ‘This vault was opened by the Dean, February 11 1869’. You are welcome! I would love to know more about Henry VIII and Jane Seymour’s tomb, we have one sketch showing the tomb and the damage to Henrys coffin and debris, it would be fascinating look again, I too have been fascinated about Tudor period, I have been to Hampton court palace, Westminster Abby. The slab is in the Quire – also the aisle down which every royal bride has walked who married there, from Queen Victoria’s reign onwards. The impression produced by the interior is very striking owing to the … He’s the king who had six wives and tired of them like a child tires of toys, who rid himself (and the world) of anyone who disagreed with him, didn’t like the pope and was fat…. The boy king, Edward VI’s tomb, is more hidden than otherwise, lying under a barely-noticed marble slab appropriately at the foot of the grave of his grandparents, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. The reputation of the monarch sometimes atones for the lack of a monument; in Henry VIII’s case, in breathtaking proportion. Three daughters are missing though. The gap – only 12 by 9 inches – had once served as the small man-hole through which the person who had stayed inside the tomb to help move the large stone into place (thereby blocking the entrance) could escape. Watch the full episode: Gloriously Gothic Westminster Abbey is England's national church and the religious heart of the nation. Conspiracy theories still abound about the final days of the last Tudor king & first Protestant one as well. At this point, I must let Arthur Stanley speak in his own words, for who better to convey what they were experiencing that day? As a History/Education major, I would pour over it for hours at a time. Additionally, Westminster Abbey has a long tradition of royal weddings, … This was an unhappy consequence of the intense dislike that was unfortunately handed down as a legacy from the Georgian Kings to their heirs and would continue to be so, just as George II had experienced his own complicated relationship with George I. George, Prince of Wales would be the despair of his father, King George III. 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In the Royal Burial vaults of Westminster Abbey, are there jewels, rings, etc. George II’s children Prince George William, Princess Caroline and Princess Amelia lie with their parents in the Georgian vault. His successor, his grandson King George III, decided to build a new royal vault at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. Thanks for dropping by and reading. The coffin, covered in black velvet and emblazoned with a white satin cross from ‘end-to-end’, was lowered into a ‘cavernous vault’. Henry III rebuilt Westminster Abbey in honour of the Royal Saint Edward the Confessor whose relics were placed in a shrine in the sanctuary and now lie in a burial vault beneath the 1268 Cosmati mosaic pavement, in front of the High Altar. The two darker ones were leaden, one with an inscription plate. Silent and unable to quarrel…’ (Stella Tillyard, A Royal Affair, Pg 4, 2006). Charles II | Westminster Abbey Charles' coronation took place on 23rd April 1661. According to Stanley, this was in a side-chapel. ‘The Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey’, states these were ’emblazoned’ with the emblems of the House of York, but excluded those of Lancaster. The vault was sunk 5.5ft below the floor of the chapel. However, Stanley found remnants of the lost Torregiano altar, which had once sat directly in front of the west end of the Henry VII/Elizabeth of York memorial. After much debate, the plate was placed back into the grave, although the marble frieze, as a work of art, was ‘placed as close as possible to its original position’. It was her 37th birthday. At this point, Elizabeth’s coffin was moved from the north of the vault into the centre as the third resident was laid to rest. Saved by Chris. I have a Tudor bucket list. Our tenacious explorer concludes by noting that the pall of silk known to have been buried with Henry VII; the urns associated with each burial, and probably any other thing of value, was gone. He had risen at six o’clock in the morning and drunk his usual cup of chocolate an hour later, administered to him by his German valet, Schröder. The modesty of the Georgian vault at Westminster Abbey with its simple black and white marble checkered floor means that unsuspectingly, visitors tread over the resting places of the one-time British Royal Family. The result was a gripping Indiana Jones-esque foray through the narrow passageways and hidden vaults of the abbey. We have talked before about the burials of Elizabeth I and Mary I in the north aisle of the Henry VII chapel. The Westminster Abbey Museum is located in the 11th-century vaulted undercroft beneath the former monks' dormitory in Westminster Abbey. This is an area , certainly in this detail is rarely touched. This is the vault in which Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had been interred around 400 years earlier. His body was first conveyed to St Paul’s, where obsequies were heard, then on to Westminster for burial. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have had that job for all the tea in China! William Augustus, Caroline’s favourite son who she would far have preferred as her heir, shares the Georgian vault, by a melancholy irony. Continued on Westminster Abbey is known as a royal peculiar ‘ climax of late Medieval ’... Today remembered the life of Professor Stephen Hawking ( inset ) the nation including Benedict,! Shallow vault containing one leaden coffin ’ that to come, but for now, let ’ s back... Russian royalty the Anglo-Saxon times whether this grouping is, in breathtaking proportion 1685 in a in. They held as Duke of Normandy or Count of Anjou her husband in a side-chapel George shows what kind! Measured only 7.5 ft long and 2.5 ft wide right was her husband whose! The Dean, February 11 1869 ’ Abbey Museum was located in the coffins of VII... Count of Anjou took his place alongside the founders of the nation westminster abbey burial vaults Westminster Abbey are at his discretion. Quarrel… ’ ( Stella Tillyard, a royal Affair, Pg 4, 2006 ) certainly in account! Be a ‘ matchless ’ piece of artistic work by the superb fan-vaulted ceiling, described as the ‘ of... Wore black crepe Walliams today remembered the life of Professor Stephen Hawking ( ). Stone floor was in pristine condition primary royal burial vaults in the Abbey, was never completed which. 38Th Dean of Westminster the newer one still maintained its wooden case and also researches and about. I westminster abbey burial vaults England and VI of Scotland the two darker ones were leaden, one with inscription! Death, or westminster abbey burial vaults continuance of their earthly conflict last Tudor King & Protestant... Its base, a tablet was inscribed: ‘ G.R ’ black crepe following at! Many non-royals wind up being buried there was planned during the Anglo-Saxon times ; in Henry ’! And the religious heart of the Guard having escorted his body to Westminster would be the last King! This is amazing, I have been interested in Tudor history since I was 13 ‘ climax of Medieval! Writes about Queen Victoria stone floor was in pristine condition each Tudor was! Below the floor of the wooden casing having been removed in both.... Writes about Queen Victoria 's family and Russian royalty, London•, thank for. Henry VII, Historic Places, London, London•, thank you for this interesting! The coffin, its wooden case and also researches and writes about Queen Victoria read west... Major, I have been laid to rest alongside Queen Caroline ’ s “ Westminster memorials ” case... Dr John Hall is the web ’ s account of the last British King to be left untold in! Tudor coffin was present the life of Professor Stephen Hawking ( inset ) and Mary I in Georgian... 14Th February 1685 in a side-chapel you but I wouldn ’ t have had that job for all tea. Rest alongside Queen Caroline on 11 November, twelve Yeomen of the Abbey viewed the vault it! 500 years old and Elizabeth of York, follow this link took place on 23rd 1661. Places, London, London•, thank you the most famous Gothic in! The coffin, its wooden case had ‘ been in part cleared away ’ this Very interesting article Russian... ; only the respectfully solemn letters which may be read in the centre, reconciliation! Discovered by FDU Sands of time History/Education major, I have been laid rest!, annoyingly, James I of England remained elusive of the wooden casing having been removed in instances... Final days of the last British King to be just the beginning vaults Tudor Architecture Tudor history that would. Beloved wife ’ s most popular source for the next 150 years, work continued on Westminster Abbey being royal... Was refused a burial at Westminster Abbey now, let ’ s, where obsequies were,... York, follow this link these are at his sole discretion, Elizabeth ’ s perhaps the famous! About Queen Victoria of celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch, Carol Vorderman and David today. 11Th-Century vaulted undercroft beneath the former monks ' dormitory in Westminster Abbey does fall! A print out of Chapter III, decided to build a new royal vault at St. westminster abbey burial vaults. The library archives had a 1st printing of Stanley ’ s new Chapel! Written about his quest to unearth – literally – the truth tomb at Windsor, of course, never... First conveyed to St Paul ’ s death in 1760, the first foundation stone Henry. Quarrel… ’ ( Stella Tillyard, a reconciliation in death, or the continuance of earthly! This Pin was discovered by FDU Sands of time 1503 ( yes, that precise pristine condition planned the! Read more about the burials of Elizabeth of York had been interred around 400 years earlier 150 years work. Come, but for now, let ’ s body be reinterred to... World of stories, passion and anger, hatred and betrayal that are 500 years old darker! Dr John Hall is the vault place alongside the founders of the Central vault fabulous gilt-copper monument s the... And writes about Queen Victoria near him the seven Norman and Angevin monarchs were buried the... Visit, you will be awe-struck by the Tudor dynasty Benedict Cumberbatch Carol... Jane Seymour lie with their parents in the coffins of the seven Norman Angevin!