Choosing a Spiritual Healer - 7 Critical Questions to Ask

This article will focus on the sometimes difficult task of picking a spiritual healer. Depending on where you live your choices may vary between a few healers to hundreds of available practitioners who offer a wide variety of esoteric sounding services.

Although looking for a healer takes you out of the bounds of the traditional healing arts you do not need to suspend your logic or judgment. The following are seven critical questions to ask.

1. Ask friends for referrals - If you were looking for a new car mechanic or hair stylist the first place you would go to would be your trusted circle of friends. Well there is nothing different in finding a spiritual healer. Ask your friends if they have been to anyone or know of anyone. And what were the results. Did they feel better. Was the person nice. How many times did they go to see them etc...

2. Know what you want the outcome to be - If you went to a doctor and said "I do not feel well", that does not give the doctor enough to work with. If you go to a spiritual healer and say "life is not very good", that does not give them enough to work with. Go to a healer with specific questions or issues.

3. Decide on the personality of the healer - Are you looking for someone to hold your hand and let you cry on their shoulder. Or are you looking for someone with techniques that keeps an emotional distance. Or are you looking for someone that falls someplace in between. One size does not fit all and one approach is not right for everybody.

4. Can you speak to the healer on the phone - One way to find out if a healer is right for you is to talk with them on the phone. Interview them. How does it feel to talk with them. Do they fit your personality. Can they explain what they do so that you can understand the process. Can they give you an evaluation as a sample of their work.

5. How confident is the healer in their ability - When you purchase most products or services you get a return policy. Is the practitioner you are talking with confident enough in their work to guarantee the results. That does not mean you have to be completely healed of what brought you to them but are you satisfied enough. If they are not confident then maybe they are not for you.

6. How long or often do you have to see them - Although it is unlikely that the full extent of any healers abilities can be felt in only one session, does the healer give you an idea of how many sessions it will take to clear your immediate problem.

7. What is a successful outcome - We all like to think that whatever our immediate concern is that someone can help make it go completely away. What is a happy outcome for your time spent with a spiritual healer. If you come in with a problem and after 3 sessions you feel 60% better is that successful? Is it successful enough to say you would like more sessions or is it just enough to say that is all you want and can now function very well.

The above questions are critically important to ask. You are the one in control of your life. With these questions you can find a spiritual adviser that will be a good match for your needs.